Inventor of the Well Gate Valve Un-Seizing Tools and Process, Canadian Patent # 2855789, U.S. Patents # 9447659 and # 9869426

Services Seized Mud Valve (Demco’s) Service – The 4 /2″ and 5 1/2″ mud valves (referred to as Demcos) are typically used as the master valve on shallow gas wells. These valves are commonly known to seize up preventing them from opening or closing. This is due to the valve stem internal screw drive housing rusting and/or corroding. Using the Canadian Pantented Well Gate Valve Un-Seizing Tool and Process, these valves are restored to a safe operational condition.

Well Head Gate Valve Service – Gate valves are commonly used as the master valve and the wing valves on wellheads with tubing in the hole. (deep gas and oil wells). These valves require routine maintenance to prevent failure which commonly results in expensive repairs. Over time the valve stem packing deteriorates, the valve stem bearing grease washes out and the valve body cavity becomes contaminated with foreign material and hydrates. This causes poor operation and valve failure. We use a special valve body flushing products and greases to restore these valve to operational condition.

Pipeline Valve Services – From ball valves, pigging valves, plug valves and gate valves. These valves require routine maintenance to ensure safe operation. The injection of a valve cleaner cleans vital sealing surfaces and internal moving mechanisms. After the valve cleaner is injected the introduction of a high quality synthetic grease to lubricate the valve resolves most issues associated with seized, hard to turn or leaking valves.

Surface Casing Vent Leaks – If a surface casing vent is found, one of the first things to do would be to check the integrity of the wellhead seals. If theses seals are worn or damaged then a special packing is injected into the seal void to stop the leak.

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